*QUANTITY DISCOUNT applies over all hubguards and hubguard spares*

**#1, #2, #3, #4, CINEMA AND RACHET ON SALE**

The BSD Jersey Barrier is the original plastic and aluminium two piece hubguard. It features a 7075 aluminium inner supporting a replaceable high density plastic guard. Sold singly.

Available rear hub fitments:
- 'Back Street Pro' fits BSD Back Street Pro hub
- 'Cassette #1' fits Odyssey and similar 14mm hubs
- 'Cassette #2' fits Primo Mix rear hub
- 'Cassette #3' fits Profile and Madera rear hub
- 'Cassette #4' fits BSD Back Street hub
- 'Freecoaster' fits Federal and KHE style freecoasters
- 'Profile Rear' fits Profile and Madera rear hub
- 'Cinema VX2' fits Cinema VX2 rear hub
- 'Antigram' fits Odyssey Antigram rear hub
- 'Ratchet' fits GSport Ratchet rear hub

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Download Jersey barrier photos here